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"Her charter encompasses six values: research (…), gesture (…), practice (…), transmission (…), appropriation (…), and fair pricing (…)."

Béatrice de Rochebouet, Le Figaro, 2024


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"15 years ago, she founded her design studio, YMER&MALTA, to bring together contemporary design and French craftsmanship. She has just produced her hundredth piece, a symbol of this art furniture, prized by collectors."

Éric Jansen, Daniel Féau, 2024




“Craftsmanship and the virtues of slowness are the starting point of the French studio YMER&MALTA. At the helm, Valérie Maltaverne has been able to reinterpret the traces of the rich Gallic heritage in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence, which she translates into the creation of luxurious furniture with a strong transgressive and poetic component.”

Gloria Escribano, Room Diseno, 2023

"The planet YMER&MALTA is a world parallel to the design industry. At the helm is Valérie Maltaverne, whose combination of fine craftsmanship, the luxury of time and poetized nature, and daring experimentation with materials and techniques, has created a singular signature."

Emmanuel Lemieux, Slow Made #1, 2023


"Founder of the YMER&MALTA design studio, Valérie Maltaverne has turned her home into a research base, constantly pushing back the boundaries of the decorative arts, with the omnipresent desire to bring the skills of memory and exception into the contemporary world."

Virginie Bertrand, Côté Maison, 2023

"Dedicated to the creation of art furniture, the YMER&MALTA studio revisits French heritage by pushing the boundaries of contemporary design."

Marie Sophie Gauthier, AD France, 2023

“Since the reign of Louis XIV, French artisans have excelled in the field of decorative arts. Following in the footsteps of the extravagance of Versailles and the refinement of the Art Deco period, Parisian design studio YMER&MALTA has become a major new player in furniture, lighting, and art objects.”

Marielle Brie, France Amérique, 2022

"By giving Valérie Maltaverne carte blanche, the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie d'Aubusson has instilled an innovative breath of fresh air into a historic savoir-faire."

Marielle Brie, La Gazette Drouot, 2022

“Art and contemporary creation to the rescue of heritage, the idea (…) will undoubtedly be salvation for the Aubusson tapestry. New threads drawn into the narrative frame.”

Anastasia de Villepin, l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, 2021

“Valérie Maltaverne is a passionate discoverer. Her work is both strong and light, and craftsmanship and art are especially important to her.”

AD China, 2021


“YMER&MALTA is a unique art-furniture studio that creates custom-made, limited and numbered editions that are not found anywhere else, using high-end innovative French craftsmanship.”

Tomikawa Taruko, Fujingaho, 2021


“YMER&MALTA crafts some of the freshest French Furnishings you’ll find. The Parisian studio is taking traditional crafts and materials into the 21st century.”

Nina Siegal, Introspective Magazine, 2021

"A piece by YMER&MALTA is a piece of nature in its own right, living furniture whose vocation is also to stimulate the imagination.”

Éric Lerouge, Chasses Internationales, 2021

"Valérie Maltaverne, the studio's creative director, invites a team of designers and weavers to shake up Aubusson tapestry. The result? The Great Lady Collection, seven exceptional pieces of furniture sublimating this craft.”

Clémence Leboulanger, Elle Décoration, 2021

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