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Pendant in paper and lead, from the Akari Unfolded collection for The Noguchi Museum.



Akari Unfolded Collection For The Noguchi Museum
YMER&MALTA / Sebastian Bergne

Pairing a strong shape with a fragile material, Poise is a clean, modern origami.

The socket-powered pendants are attached to the ceiling by a hook.

The double ceiling lamp comprehends one S and one L pendant and the triple ceiling lamp comprehends one S and two L pendants. The element attached to the ceiling is in lacquered wood.

As in the Akari Series from the 50’s, the assembling of the paper volume is part of the experience of this lamp, a deeper contact that allows the user a feeling of being part in the making of the piece.

As Valérie Maltaverne was studying Isamu Noguchi’s work to develop the Akari Unfolded collection, she was captivated by one sculpture in particular where the artist had assembled several small objects found on the beach in a suspended mobile. With this sculpture in mind she developed the “Poise” design with Sebastian Bergne.

The lead weight suspended at the end of the cord is meticulously calculated to give Poise the perfect angle. It was designed to match the graphics of the paper volume and fabricated by a French producer of fishing leads.

To achieve the perfect folding process and the ideal diffuse lighting effect necessitated a long research and prototyping process and testing of several different paper types.

This piece was presented at The Noguchi Museum in New York.

Paper, Lead, Stainless Steel, LED
Socket-powered pendant S : H.30 x L.32 x D.23 cm
Socket-powered pendant L : H.40 x L.42 x D.30 cm
Double ceiling lamp : H.230 x L.80 x D.80 cm
Triple ceiling lamp : H.230 x L.100 x D.80 cm

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 30 cm

Double ceiling lamp, L socket-powered pendant, L socket-powered pendant, Triple ceiling lamp